Bunker Monkey can cater for parties of all types.  Fresh menus are drawn up for every occasion and on this page and around the site you'll be able to see a few photographs of dishes from some recent events.  Let us know what you'd like and we can come up with some options that will suit both you and your guests.  We will do our utmost to make it a lovely and delicious event.

"I took my team for a two day off site corporate meeting and Lucy from Bunker Monkey made it run all the more smoothly by providing a fantastic catering service.  The menu was great and varied (the pavlova and the thai green curry were especially memorable) and she coped brilliantly with some specific dietary needs.  I would recommend her without hesitation - we're quite a picky bunch of foodies and we all loved her cooking!"  Jane Burkitt, Pepsico International UK

"Bunker Monkey did a fantastic job feeding our 19 hungry hens. The organisation was seamless, the food was absolutely delicious and it was all served with a great big warm smile. Thank you for a fantastic night Lucy and for making it so memorable." Beth, London

“Lucy, thank you so much, not only for all the hard work you put into the excellent and delicious party food, but also for your enthusiasm, professionalism and care that went into it.  Our party would not have been such a success without you.  I can’t thank you enough.”  Jan Taylor


Ready Made Meals - If you’d like a meal ready for your arrival to a rented property something like a bolognese or a casserole can be on the stove and ready to heat up.  Alternatively it might be you’d like a meal made up for enjoying at home.  This can even be put into your own dishes for authenticity!

In House Help - Another service we can offer is to come and prepare meals at home in the Lymington area. This would mean someone coming to your rented property or home; preparing, cooking and tidying up after your meal.  Making life nice and simple and hopefully meaning your break really is a get away from the norm.  Cost dependent on dishes and time involved.

Provisioning - If you are renting a cottage or staying on a boat in the local area we can do your shopping for you and drop it off at a convenient time.  The cost of this is the price of the shopping plus £30.


Sample Menus

Menu 1

Smoked mackerel pate with toast

Chicken pieces roasted with lemon, black olives, garlic and thyme – with roasted baby potatoes, green beans and a tomato and red onion salad

Summer fruit pavlova

Menu 2

Chilled tomato soup with mixed rolls

Herb crusted baked salmon fillets with minted new potatoes, oven roast tomatoes on the vine and a green salad with asparagus and peas

Rich chocolate tart with crème fraiche

Menu 3

Garlic king prawns with crusty bread

Roast leg of lamb with vegetable studded cous cous, greek salad and a rocket salad

Key lime pie

"Lucy, Mega thanks for organizing the catering for our Hog roast, super choice of salads all fresh and flavoursome. Eighty satiated guests, wow! I raise my glass to your culinary skills." Malcolm Hawksworth

"Thank you so much to Bunker Monkey for a fantastic feed. Catering for a bunch of starving hens is not the easiest task but it was done effortlessly and with good humour. The food was an excellent standard and having Bunker Monkey in meant that we could concentrate on having a good time whilst all the hard work was done for us. If you have a big group of people, I would highly recommend it (unless washing up after 15 people is your thing!) Thanks again (ps. choc pud was gorgeous)." Alicia, London


Chocolate tart

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